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like it but need waay more levels maybe you could make it preceduly generated

ohohh, that would be cool, but I have to move on from this project soon. there will be 2 new rooms  and I hole lot of polish if you are willing to play it again tomorrow.

Enjoyed playing this,though it need's more levels.

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I got your back, I will definitely add some more polish and levels. Btw doom 1 did't have a jump button, so I am kind of hesitant on making a jump mechanic

I love the style, and the gameplay is ok too. Really good ambience with the style! However, the music didn't really fit and was annoying to me.

Still a great one though!


totally agree with you, the music to not fit at all with the game(I was stock with what I have), I will change the music when I will have the opportunity to do it, thanks for playing :)

I had a play (twice) and I have to say it was enjoyable to play. I liked the music, the graphics are fresh and I can honestly say I would really like to see another couple of levels or even the first level extended. Nice one devs *Thumbs Up*

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glad you enjoy it ! I will definitely add more levels and twik some minor stuff in the future