A downloadable game for Windows

Really big chicken is a game where you trow a really big chiken towards foods. your goal is to collect 100 grains the break a really big wall. it's really fun trust me 

cheat code(because the game is really janky) :

  • O : spawn last checkpoint
  • P : spawn at the start

Install instructions

decompress the zip and click on UnityCrashHandler64.exe


reallybigChiken.zip 27 MB


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I really like the movement mechanic, and the low poly models are all really well done.

Collision was pretty spotty on the walls, and I also managed to get stuck like this:


thanks for the compliment! Soooo , the collision system is pretty bad right now, I will try to fix that later. In the mean time, you can use the cheat code that I provided in the description to get out of those spotty situations

lest gat fat!